Agenda 2020903

Meeting Announcement

Thursday August 6, 2020


Virtual - via Jitsi

Meeting Agenda


This month we have a talk from John Nash on Linux Photo Management.

John will suggest a number of tools for managing photo collections. Photo collections have different characteristics and purposes, so different tools may be needed. Unfortunately, there are many glitches or omissions, or simply unsuitable interfaces. The presenter has even developed one tool himself to ease the task of commenting and renaming photos.

Discussion and questions welcome to expand and advance the understanding.

Meeting Details:

The meeting URL and code words should be emailed around 18:30 so there is a potential for some social time prior to getting started.


Similar to last time, your output video and audio will be disabled when you join. In order to make sure the experience is a reasonable one for all involved, the presenter will share their screen-window-whatever they are comfortable with and you will see it quite clearly. Rather than unmute, pressing your space bar is supposed to unmute your microphone while pressed, so you can try that to ask questions. There is also the chat window, but when it is active it obscures part of the screen. Feel free to post questions and as opportunity presents itself and the presenter notices, they will get answered. After the presentation is completed, feel free to unmute and have a normal voice/video Q&A.

Post Meeting

Virtual chat via IRC or maybe even jitsi. Feel free to indulge in whatever you have at hand :)

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