Agenda 20210107

Meeting Announcement

Thursday January 7, 2021


Virtual - via Jitsi

Meeting Agenda


The first part of the meeting will be a getting started stream as we expect there are a number of people who really don’t know how to get started and as a result, can’t even formulate what they want to ask since they are not sufficiently familiar with the system to do so.

In order to provide a jump start, we are going to take a few people who are “New to Linux” through picking a distro from a very small set (to keep solutions similar), get them to install it, and them get them comfortable with using it.

The second part will be a discussion by JF on setting up Ubuntu, so complemantary to the initial topic.

Meeting Details:

The meeting URL will now be a fixed URL, and should be up for connection by 18:30 on meeting nights and will vanish shortly after the meeting has concluded. The codewords that you need will also be predictable so that you no longer need the email with them to join. Hopefully you are on the mailing list so you will know the pattern. If not, it is in the list archive and you just append it to the meeting URL. Since you will be joining as anonymous guests, you will not have a username or password. if it asks for a username and password, it has not been started yet.


Video and audio will be disabled when you join. In order to make sure the experience is a reasonable one for all involved, the presenter will share their screen-window-whatever they are comfortable with and you will see it quite clearly. Rather than unmute, pressing your space bar is supposed to unmute your microphone while pressed, so you can try that to ask questions. There is also the chat window, which no longer appears to obscure the rest of the session (maybe on small monitors?) Feel free to post questions and as opportunity presents itself and the presenter notices, they will get answered. After the presentation is completed, feel free to unmute and have a normal voice/video Q&A.

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